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Frequently Asked



Q. What is your opinion on using video briefings? 

Video briefings can be useful but people tend to pay more attention to a live person. Even if you have a video brief you will still need to go over the key aspects of the game.

Q. Do you offer facility / arena design?

We do offer facility and arena design by Art Attack FX.

Q. How much square footage of the arena do you recommend?

A common rule is to allow at least 100 Sq. Ft. per player.

Q. Can you provide mewith the number of games played at your facilities, by month? Yes, a game play report can be generated.

Q. How do I attract loyal long-term customers?  Create a data base that you can send email updates and specials to and provide the best customer service possible.

Q. Is there any difference in the way that your game plays compared to other systems?  Each laser tag system has specific games, scoring, and options that make them unique. The basic game play of laser tag is always the same.

Q. Do all games attract the same demographics?  The basic laser tag games are playable by all customers and are enjoyable for players of all demographics.

Q. Do I have to accept your design plans?  No, you are free to make any changes toour suggested layout.

Q. Do you provide an operation manual?  Yes, one can be provided for an additional charge.

Q. Do you provide an technical manual?  Yes, one manual is provided with any system purchased.

Q. How important is the day-to-day involvement of the operator to the success of the center? Extremelyimportant. The operator should always be present during the busy times, such as big birthday party days, group and corporate events.

Q. Who do you recommend to purchase Fog/Haze from?  We recommend using haze fluid from Master Fog.

Q. How do people in the lobby know what is in the arena?  Employee interaction, displays,posters, merchandise, and a monitor displaying the arena are the best ways to inform walk in customers that you operate a laser tag arena.

Q. Do you recommend observation decks?  Sometimes, if it can be incorporated into the design. An area that over looks the arena is the best. The problem with these areas is that some customers will cause problems and can be destructive to these areas. We recommend several cameras in the arena that are displayed on monitors in the lobby.

Q. In what way does the arena design affect marketing and demographics?  If an arena is themed improperly it can deter parents from allowing the kids to play. Birthday parties are the key source of income for a laser tag facility so you do not want a design or theme that a parent may think is too violent or inappropriate.

Q. Is arena design important to success?  If an arena is not fun for the players then they will not want to come back.

Q. How much square footage for the vesting? It depends on the number of players you want to run in eachgame. For a 40 person system we recommend 200 - 300 total square feet.

Q. How much square footage for the briefing area?  It depends on the number of players you will have in each game. Any where from 100 - 250 square feet should be adequate.

Q. What is the most significant, unique feature that separates you from you competitors?  We are the only system that is designed tooperate green lasers and our system has an option that allows a player to tag back after they have been tagged.

Q. Why should I buy from you?  The Q-ZAR system has been in operation for over 20 years so we have extensive experience and knowledge that we offer to our customers. 

Q. How long has your system been in use?  The first designof the Q-ZAR equipment was around 1987. The current version of the equipment has been in use since 1992. A software upgrade was completed in 2012 which has allowed the Q-ZAR system to greatly expand its capabilities and options.

Q. What makes your company the best?  Our support and knowledge of the Q-ZAR system and the laser tag industry gives us an advantage over other companies.

Q. Are you international or in the US only?  We sell systems to US and international customers.

Q. How much is your system per phaser?  For current system pricing please visit our web site at www.q-zarsystems.com.

Q. Do you offer financing?  All systems are sold on a cash basis.

Q. What demographics should I have for your equipment?  Your demographics should be made up of young families and young adults.

Q. Do I have to pay an annual fee to keep my territory secure? No additional fees are charged to keep your territory secure.

Q. How long is the warranty? We offer a two year limited warranty on all new systems and a one year warranty on all used systems.

Q. Do you have license fees? No license fees are charged.

Q. Is the computer included in the equipment? Each new system comes with a computer and the game software preloaded.


Q. What interactive effects do you offer?  Base -Headquarters / Mines / Mega Target

Q. Can the vest be programmed for special abilities?  Each individual pack cannot but you can make certain game changes that change how a vest performs.

Q. What happens to playing ability when the player is hit?  The player has one second to return a tag and then the vest will go into a protective state with light and sound indications.

Q. How does a player know that he has scored, or been tagged?  When you tag another player the yellow hit lights will flash and your pack can say “Good Shot”. When a playeris tagged the phaser will output a voice prompt and the vest will vibrate.

Q. How does the player know their status as they play? At this time a player has no way of knowing until the game is over.

Q. Does the equipment feature radio-polling?  No, the phaser communicates with a network unit in the arena and that unit is hardwired to the computer.

Q. Do you have parts distribution center in the country that I have my center? All parts ship from the USA. 

Q. Does the vest have shoulder sensors? The vest doesn’t have shoulder sensors.

Q. How long will a pack run on an over night charge?  A pack will last 6 to 14 hours on onecharge, depending on the amount of play.

Q. Can the arena targets be configured for different game variations?  Yes the game targets can be configured.

Q. Do you have arena targets?  Yes, Arena targets may be added to any system.

Q. Do you encourage defense shields?  Yes, shields are a nice option to have on sothat the new players are not followed around by the experienced players.

Q. Does the equipment feature an anti-theft system? No.

Q. Can a pack be “quick-charged”?  With added equipment but it is not recommended.

Q. How long does it take to fully recharge a pack?  The pack will take 8-10 hours to fully charge.

Q. Do you haveany used / refurbished equipment that I may purchase?  Yes, when in stock.

Q. How heavy is the phaser? The phaser weighs 3.1 pounds.

Q. How heavy is the vest? The vest weighs 3.75 pounds.

Q. Can I get your equipment with real-time-scoring?  The Q-ZAR system does not have real time scoring.

Q. Is it a real laser?  It is a class 2 laser that has been tested and approved by the FDA.

Q. What’s the difference between using a laser (RF) and infrared (IR) for information transmission? The RF can communicate without the need for wired units but they can have issues with transmitting over certain distances and through certain types of walls. An IR system transfers the info from pack to pack and then each pack transfers the data to a network unit.

Q. Do I have to purchase a certain number of packs initially?  Yes, but the cost to purchase a system is far better than purchasing the items separately.

Q. Do I have to purchase a minimum of packs if I want more?  No minimum is required.

Q. What is the most common repair needed by the equipment?  The cord from the vest to the phaser.

Q. What is the average number of hours of play before low batteries?  After about 10 hours you may experience some low batteries.

Q. What is the average downtime should I expect on the equipment?  The average repair time of the equipment 30 minutes by a trained person as long as parts are on hand.

Q. Howmuch maintenance does theequipment to the success of the facility?  Properly maintaining the equipment will be a key to the success of the facility.

Q. How much does it cost to maintain your system monthly?  After the first 6 months you might need to spend an average of $10 a month.


Q. Is the software included the base selling price?  Yes, it is included in the price of a new system.

Q. Do you offer real (equipment / software generated) handicapping to level out the playing field of new and experienced players?  Yes, the Q-ZAR system has two ways of handicapping players.  First, a phaser that can be used to handicap individual players. Second, by changing the settings/scoring in the software to handicap the more experienced players.

Q. How detailed isyour scoring system?  The software can display a scores screen for the customers, which doesn’t show theoperations screen and settings. The scores screen shows each player's personal score plus the teams score.  A printed score card is available which shows personal scores, team scores, number of times each player was tagged and the player that tagged them, number of times a player tagged their own team, number of times special targets tagged you, and the number of Base-Headquarter tags.

Q. What type of security / audit features do you provide? The software has different levels of user capabilities which can be configured as well as a report of each pack that plays in a game.

Q. Do you offer POS/center management software?  We are currently beta testing a POS/ Facilitymanagement software.

Q. Explainthe significance of special features, enhancements, unlimited game formats, etc.?  Having a system that has many configurable options allows an operator to find the game settings that will give their players the best experience. It also allows for special game nights to help entice repeat play.

Q. How many different versions of software are you currently supporting?  We support 3 different versions at this time.

Q. How does your software allow for variety in game play?  The software can be fully configured forlives, shots per second, shields, game time, and too many other features to list. Please visit our software section for more information.

Q. What operating system does you software run on?  Windows 7.


Q. Do you build arenas?  We can assist in arena design and layout along with recommendations for obstacles but we suggest using a local contractor or you can use an arena theming company.

Q. What is needed to build an arena?  Arena obstacles can be built from wood or plastic.


Q. What do I do if my system stops working?  You can text, email or phone our technical staffand we will respond ASAP.

Q. What is the average response time for an emergency?  In most cases a representative will respond within 1 hour.