Arena Design by Art Attack FX

The Arena Of Your Dreams

ART ATTACK is widely recognized as an The Industry Leader in Attractions, Theming and Design in the amusement industry . We have revolutionized the way people experience themed attractions and themed environments by pushing the boundaries with our cutting-edge technology, creativity, and by immersing ourselves in each of our custom projects to deliver the experience our clients want to give their customers.

ART ATTACK has 20+ years working withover 1000 entertainment-based businesses around the globe. We have developed a proven system in getting your attraction from concept to completion and saving you enormous amounts of time and money while you enjoy the profits and success. From concept to completion,we’re with you every step of the way!

Below are just some of the reasons we have hundreds of satisfied clients and life-time customers.


With manufacturing facilities in both Canada and Florida, we have over 50,000 sq. ft of covered manufacturing space and another 3acres of open space for working on projects of all sizes. We utilize over 40 full time staff of professional artisans, tradesmen, designers, laborers, etc and utilize the latest in cutting edge manufacturing machines and techniques…Customers are welcome to visit us at any time!


20+ Years in the industry, over 1000 customers, multiple industry awards, representation at industry tradeshows around the globe, membership in leading trade organizations like IAAPA and BPAA, etc….. This is what experience is all about and why it has propelled us to the top of our industry. When we put this experience to work for our customers, we create amazing relationships and unforgettable experiences for both our clients and ourselves.

ART ATTACK has worked with some of the biggest names including Arby’s, Incredible PizzaCompany, The Edmonton Oilers, Tampa Bay Rays, McCain Foods, Fat Cats Fun Centers, Northlands Coliseum, Namco, West Edmonton Mall, Brunswick, AMF, Main Event USA, Molson Breweries, Subway and many more. Contact Us Today to see what services we can offer for your venue.


We have working relationships with most other leading vendors and manufacturers in the industry for other attractions, games and services we do not manufacture. When you deal with us we can often put you in contact with the right vendors saving you time and sometimes literally thousands of dollars. We want you to be a success and will do everything we can to ensure you are. Choosing the right vendors/partners is a big part of your ultimate success.


When you work with an ART ATTACK consultant we can handle many roles inyour entertainment center development so you can spend moretime on your area of expertise. We are often referred to as the ONE STOP SHOP!  We can offer you everything you need including….

  • Initial Consultation
  • Budgeting
  • Facility Layout – SPECIALISTS!
  • Architectural Design
  • Site Construction
  • Attraction Selection – SPECIALISTS!
  • Purchasing from Suppliers
  • Attraction Supply – SPECIALISTS!
  • Theming – SPECIALISTS!
  • Operational Guidance
  • Marketing Support

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the scope and advantages of our services and, when you are ready, our Development Team will work with you to create the ultimate entertainment facility! We will save you time and money, andposition you for your best chance at success! Do it right the first time!


If you would like to request more information on art attack helping design your next laser tag arena, please email us at


or contact us at 925.364.4824