Customizable Game Configuration

Assign game preferences to work exactly as you would like

Game time can now be increased beyond the normal 15 minute game

Create different game formats which can be selected quickly

Customizable Scoring

Setup the scoring to work exactly as you would like

Prevent negative scores

Create multiple scoring configurations, a tough one for experienced players, and an easier one for new players and   birthday   parties

Advanced settings allows for special games that score based on accuracy or only counting base hits, create your own unique games

Predefined Games

Setup all the games you play on a regular basis only once, then pick them from a list

Game setup errors are eliminated as they are all pre-set

Stop staff from running unauthorized game types

Quickly change from one game format to another without losing the score display

Game lengths can be adjusted on the fly without altering the game configuration

Mine/MegaTargets are configurable per game setup, allowing them to be turned on and off with the game format

Game History

Details of every game is retained within the system showing number of players, game length,  pre-set used, etc.

Go back and view game records from previous months

Scorecards from any game can be reprinted, either as a batch or individually

Staff cannot tamper or wipe the history

Multiple Cable Support

Run as many cables as you need

No need to tap off existing cables when adding additional network units

Increased flexibility with network cabling

Multiple Arena Support

Run multiple arenas from the same system

Simple drop down box to pick which arena to control

Move cable runs between arenas, for example allowing a multi-level arena to be split in to two arenas for special events.

Integrated system, all arenas share the same game pre-sets, user configuration, etc.


Live twitter feed publishes the results of each game as they end

Where members have been logged in, team and player names are included

Control over what gets published

Twitter live feed can be published on your website, an example is on

Touch Screen

An interface optimized for touch screen use on any computer touchscreen monitor

Access all the core features such as selecting games, adjusting game length, log members in to packs, stop and start games

See which packs are pending a download

Ideally suited to mounting within the vesting room

Automatic Music

Starts and stops music with the game automatically

Only plays music in games that are configured to do so


Accessible From Anywhere On Your Network

Install the client software on as many computers as you need

View and control the games from any computer on your internal network via the client software - additional computer required


Automatic printing of scorecards (customizable by game pre-set)

Support for plain A5 scorecards

Options for customization if required - additional fee required

Pack Error Detection

Detection of pack resets reported

Duplicate pack numbers detected and reported

Energizer Idle Control

Software selectable energizer control prevents packs being energised before a game is started

Prevents unauthorized use of the packs when a game is not running

Increased Hardware Compatibility

Works with all modern versions of Windows (XP, Win 7, Win 8)

Supports integrated, expansion card, and USB based serial ports

Increased Pack Numbers

Supports pack number 1 to 20, and 24 to 29 on both colors

No need to assign an alias to pack numbers above 20

Limited to 40 packs per game unless running version 4 software

Expanded Limits

Games can be configured to run up to 240 minutes

Smart Bombs can be configured up to 250 per game

Lives can be configured up to 250

Separate Scoreboard Application

Separate scoreboard application means you do not need to let people see your main computer screen

Scoreboard shows one column per team with colored backgrounds

Retains the previous game for a couple of minutes after the next one starts

Displays player names and team names where members have logged into packs

$3600.00 Includes:

• Computer, Keyboard and Mouse • Software pre-loaded

• Security dongle

• Network adapter

• Shipping within the USA