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1 - 2 Charging Systems

The charger will charge up to 21 packs and the distribution box uses resistors to limit the amount of current that goes to the battery inside the packs.  Each distribution box will hold up to 11 packs.

     1-2 Power Supply

     1-4 Distribution Boxes

     Charging cables and sockets for each individual phaser

2 Sirens

     Working voltage:

DC 6V - 12V

     Sound level: 110db

     ABS plastic

1 - 2 Scoreboard Units

The scoreboard displays the red team's score, the green team's score and the amount of time left in the game.


Red scoreboard

Green scoreboard


Q-Control Computer

PC with software pre-loaded

Software security dongle

USB to serial adapter


Computer serial plug

Computer serial plug cover

Keyboard and mouse

2 Headquarter Units

Headquarters are targets to be defended and deactivated depending on whose side you're on.

Adjustable ID switching

Speech and sound effect function 2 x 120 volt AC effect output Compact, metal robust casing RS232 Communication with games computer.

2 - 4 Energiser Units

The purpose of the energizer is to activate phasers at the beginning of a game, downloads the phaser at the end of the game. It also allocates lives, tags & replenishes them during the game.

The energiser then transmits information to and from the phaser to the

Game Computer.

10, 20, 30 or 40

Q-ZAR Vests

A pack consists of the plastic vest with front and back sensors and a phaser.

Rigid, lightweight fluorescent red/green body armor, team lights, hit lights, Identification LED display panel, Infra-red transmitters and sensors.

Powerful 2-way vibrator unit.

10, 20, 30 or 40

Q-ZAR Phasers

The Phaser is the laser you carry with you.  There are no projectiles that exit the phaser, only a small laser beam that appears in the fog.  As an option, you can have green lasers in the green phasers and red lasers in the red phasers. Class 2 laser, Speech and sound effect function, Sequential team and hit lights, LED display panel, 9.6 volt Rechargeable NiCad Battery, Infra-red transmitter and sensors, Adjustable harness and shoulder straps, DC charge port and a 2-handled precision injection molded flame-proof casing.

Marshal Phaser

The marshal phaser acts like a portable energizer.  It allows you to energize the packs with pre- programmed games.

This eliminates the need for an energizer but will not retain any sort of scores.

Handicapping Phaser

The handicapping phaser changes the timing of the reflex, defense shields and warning cycles.

It makes the player harder or easier to tag.  It is used to assist in evening out the player's skill levels.

Spare Parts Kit


2 - Laser Tube Assembly

(1 Red, 1 Green)

     1 - Ni-Cad battery

     2 - Front to rear cable

     2 - Curly cord

     2 - Fuse 2A

     2 - Vibrator assembly

     2 - Charge lead

     4 - Vest Artwork

(2 Front, 2 Back)

     4 - Harness

(2 Red, 2 Green)

     1 - Allen key

     1 - Nut driver - M4